Coming The Deep Tissue Robotic Laser is a truly amazing medical device. For four years we performed traditional pain management in our clinic. We utilized a variety of cortisone injections as well as PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections to stimulate stem cell activity. We discovered that the Deep Tissue Robotic Laser achieved the same affects as the PRP injections! The same results, without having to do a blood draw and without having to stick the patients repetitiously with a needle!

The Deep Tissue Robotic Laser is a very powerful therapeutic Laser (Class IV; 25 watts) that delivers an exact laser beam at a specific target area. The laser dosage is exactly the same, every time, due to the Robotic nature of the device (no variability like exists with hand held lasers).

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The Deep Tissue Robotic Laser increases the metabolic activity of every human cell. The Laser activates mitochondria (within the damaged cell) to produce increased ATP (energy) production. This allows the cell to become healthy again.

The Deep Tissue Robotic Laser stimulates microcirculation (increased blood flow) into areas that are degenerating due to reduced blood flow. This is especially important for patients with arthritis in cartilage areas that decay over time (knees, hips, spinal joints).

The Laser increases blood supply into damaged tissue. The platelets in the blood turn on stem cells.

The Laser reduces inflammation due to the stimulated increase in metabolic activity. Most pain is due to inflammation. As the inflammation decreases, pain reduces.

Unlike injections, the Deep Tissue Robotic Laser is painless! Some patients experience a slight warmth and some “tingling” sensations.